Anima Card Game: Solo Variant

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Anima Card Game: Solo Variant

Messaggioda Sebastiancrenshaw » sab lug 26, 2008 6:02 pm

Girovagando per la rete si trova anche questo: ... AE2BBAFA51

Introduction: Anima not playable as a solo game? Pfft! Anyone's who seen enough fantasy tropes knows of the Rival, the enemy just a few paces behind, who's part threat, part irritant, part comedy relief. In this variant, your opponents aren't interested in defeating Omega. They're interested in defeating you! They're out for petty revenge -- and they cheat, too! Jerks.

Start of game: Your opponent has no Advantage cards (any Advantage cards he acquires are discarded) but starts with a full party of four characters. See? They're cheating already.

Play: If you go second, your opponent "recruits". Draw a card from the Character Deck for your opponent and add it to his party. Then discard the character in his party with the lowest Combat Value. If you go first and stay in the same location, for two turns, your opponent finally catches up with you. It's time for a fight! Your opponent will not combat you if you have two or fewer characters.

Combat: During combat, your opponent plays no Advantage cards. But, for every two Advantage and/or Mission cards you have in play (round down), flip the top card of the Character pile (minimum one) and add this value to their total.

That's pretty much it. For any substitutions (eg. a mission where your opponent can play Ki or Magic cards for an Mission opponent), draw card(s) from the Character Deck and use the character's Combat Value.

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Messaggioda Sebastiancrenshaw » mar ago 26, 2008 10:49 am

E comunque non é l'unica versione, qui vi presento quella di Vriaeliss ...

Character Cards: Shuffle all 20 and draw one - this is your main character. If s/he dies, you lose. Deal 7 more cards face down and remove the remaining 12 character cards from the game (don't look at them so you don't know who the other 7 are).

Advantage Cards: Remove the PvP advantage Cards (Betrayal, Organization: Selene, Robbery, Wrong Way, Sacrifice, Holocaust, Only a Dream, and Assassination) from the game.
Separate the "counter-spell" cards (Countertechnique, Prediction, Detect Ki, and Shield of Protection) into a small pile.
Shuffle remaining Advantage cards and draw a hand of three. Any one character can only have one "buff" card (Romance, Leading Role, Magical Object) at any given time.

Areas: Sort the area cards into three piles and shuffle individually, one for each level. Place face up two level one areas next to each other.

Encounters: This is the part I wish I had two sets... or am tempted to make a bunch more level two and three encounters. Sort the encounters by level as with areas. Shuffle and set level one encounters next to the level one areas, level two next to level two, and level three next to level three areas. Place one level one encounter face down on each of the face up areas (Preliminary Encounters).

Missions: Shuffle all the regular mission and deal four face down, remove the rest from the game. Select a final mission randomly (don't look!) and place between the 2nd and 3rd regular mission.

_____RULE CHANGES:_____

Object of the Game: Complete at least two missions then your final mission. You must complete each mission in sequence before starting the next one! So, at the start of your first Reset phase, reveal the top mission card. Once you complete it, reveal the second mission card. Once that is defeated you may do one of two things - a) Take on the final mission, or b) take on another regular first. If you choose B, you must complete the regular before you can take on the final, or once again choose to complete the last regular mission first.

New Losing Conditions: Firstly, if your main character (first drawn) dies, you lose. Aside from that, experiment with setting turn limits to complete your final mission within (start with 40-50 to get a feel for how this plays out).

Characters: Notice we only have 8 characters not removed from the game (your main character, or "Hero" + seven face down). There are seven others specifically one for each way you can possibly recruit (see recruitment below). If your Hero dies, you lose the game (keep this in mind when using "Leading Role!").
I've added the concept of "Active" and In-active" parties. Your Hero is always in the active party - the one you fight, explore, etc with. Your Hero can have one other character in the active party for level one areas, two for level two areas, and three for level three areas. All excess characters are set aside, in a separate pile from characters yet recruited, face down. This is your inactive party, which can consist of none to seven characters. When you move to a higher level area, you immediately may add the additional active member from any of the available characters in your inactive party. During your reset phase, you can freely swap any active members (excluding your Hero) for any inactive members, or add another member to replace a dead one. When a character dies, remove them from the game.
Replace special text for below characters as follows:
Wizard Mentalist: Tap to "Roll a die when an advantage card is countered during a creature encounter. 5+ will negate the effect of the counterspell."
Assassin: Tap to "Roll when facing a creature encounter, 5+ successfully defeats the encounter. If you fail, however, add a wound counter to the Assassin."
Mentalist: Tap to "Look at top 3 advantage cards and replace in same order."
Thief: Tap to "Roll a die: If 5+ you may draw an additional advantage card when you choose the Advantage reward".

Encounters: Encounters work as normal, except a couple changes. First, you pull only level one encounters while in level one areas, level two in level two areas, and three in level three areas. When you lose an encounter by less than 5 points, add a wound token to an active character. If a character gets a third token, s/he dies. (Or, for more challenge, two wounds will kill). Second, whenever you use a Plot, Ki, Magic, or Trickery card, roll a d6. On a roll of 6 for level one areas, 5-6 for level two, and 4-6 for level three - draw one of the counterspell cards at random. If the card applies, it takes effect and cancels the card you played. Return the counterspell to the pile once resolved.

Recruitment: There are five areas that allow you to recruit new characters. You may only choose the recruit reward ONCE in each of these areas... ever. Do what you have to in order to remember where you've recruited from. There are two encounters that let you recruit new characters - "Old Inn" and "Chance Encounter." When/if you draw either of these, remove them from the game. If you lose the duel for the "Old Inn" encounter, remove the character you fought from the game.

Movement/Exploring New Horizons: Movement is pretty linear. Only two active areas are allowed at any time. You first must explore all the level one areas before exploring level two, and must clear all level two before heading to level three areas. (Zeppelin advantage card will allow you to bypass this).
You may stay and explore your current location as much as you want or need, but keep in mind you do have a limited number of turns to defeat the final challenge!
When "Exploring new horizons" - move the leftmost area to the bottom of the area deck of its level, face up. Draw the top card from the level you're exploring and resolve the Preliminary Encounter ad normum. When you move from a level one area to a level two area, you may add another character to your active party (increasing active party size to 3) to face the Preliminary Encounter. Same is allowed for progressing from level two areas to level three areas (increasing active party size to 4).
When you need to return to a lower level area than you are in, you have two options:
a) Reshuffle the area deck for the level below you and draw a random one, facing the normal P.E.
b) Roll both d6's. On total of 2-5, draw a random area and face two P.E.'s... at the same time! On a total of 6-10, draw a random area for the level below you and face the normal P.E. (only one). On a total of 11-12, you find a portal to take you wherever you want to go for the level below you only (look through the area deck and pick where you want to go and face no P.E.).
All movement must progress in single level steps (except when using the Zeppelin Advantage card). IE: From level one to two, or from three to two. You cannot move from level one to three, or from level three to one unless you play the Zeppelin advantage card.

Organizations and "Buff" Cards: At any time you may only be a member of two organizations (or one for more challenge). Any character may only have a single "Buff" advantage card on them (Romance, Magical Object, Leading Role). If you move a character from your active party with any "Buff" card, the card follows them to the inactive party.

Resting: You may only choose the "Rest" option (+2 attack and speed next turn only) in level one or two areas where you've defeated the prelimary encounter (keep in mind turn limit). Or, for more challenge, you're never allowed to rest!
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Re: Anima Card Game: Solo Variant

Messaggioda ainsley » gio gen 02, 2014 10:51 am

Questa sarebbe la copertina del primo supplemento d'ambientazione : Gaia : Mas alla de los sueños. (Gaia : Oltre il sogno)
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