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23 febbraio, 2017 [02:23]
Get super bank notes from us (,USD,EUR
We are specialist in the production of authentic counterfeit banknotes. We produce authentic banknotes of all types Euro, US Dollar, Pound just to name a few.

They are perfectly produced, indistinguishable to the touch and to the naked eye, these are called super notes and can be spent anywhere except banks.

They carry different serial numbers and bypass
counterfeit iodine pens and detector counterfeit machines detectable by ultraviolet able to deceive the control instruments that are based on UV rays.

-Notes pass chemical and UV-light tests.

-We use special inks and chemicals.

-We are also able to copy other elements such as parts of the notes in reief (easily detectable to touch), holograms, holographics strips on the sides, watermarks, prints logs and security threads many of which are visible only in the light.

-No extra charges to be paid by the clients except given amount for the order.

-All security features are available.

All inquiries to
27 aprile, 2017 [12:48]
You can also buy cloned or stolen credit cards, drugs, fake IDs and other documents, along with guns. I never tried this myself and I strongly advise you not to try. In the end, how do you know who's on the other side? Maybe police are running those services to track drug traffic through internet. And, how do you know, your merchand will send you anything? Paying is in advance. You have absolutely no guaratee that he will ship you what you paid for. 400 $ goes away and out of sudden, you lose contact with him. In the DeepNet i never had an occasion to speak with anyone who would claim his transaction was made fair.

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27 aprile, 2018 [12:40]
If you buy anything in internet it can be tracked easily. Say for example if you order him and you get your money. You know its illegal and what will you do if you get caught. Modern technology is so advanced that the machines that find counterfeit notes are so accurate. If you get caught police or may be he threatens that if you don't pay more he will expose that you bought fake currency. Life will get spoiled without even you realize. Money should be earned not bought.

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