Villanova has only six games of FIFA 18

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Villanova has only six games of FIFA 18
06 settembre, 2017 [04:51]
Villanova has only six games of 50 percent from three or better, but it has 15 games of 10 or more threes this year, which makes its scintillating 37-for-80 shooting from three (46.3 percent) in March adness more in line with its seasonal results, even though a handful of FIFA 18 Coins nights with a ton of misses from three drag down the Wildcats' percentages.

But given that evidence points to defending the threebeing about limiting threes rather than forcing opponents to shoot a poor percentage from deep, Villanova's ability to consistently get threes gives it the ability to play more efficiently. Couple that offense with a defense that's been better than North Carolina's, and I like the Wildcats just a little bit more than the last No. 1 seed, though I'd be utterly unsurprised by either team winning the title.

No. 3: Oklahoma SoonersEfficiencHeat Check: 1.16 PPP, 1.00 PPP allowedI'd only be mildly surprised by Oklahoma winning it all, because, well, no one else has Buddy Hield. Hield's quite clearly the most explosive player left in the field, more capable than either.

Villanova's Josh Hart or North Carolina's Brice Johnson of simply stamping his opponents in his footprints. While Oklahoma does have other talented players (including snipers Isaiah Cousins and Jordan Woodard), if the Sooners are going to win the title.

Hield's almost certainly going to have to be the Final Four's Most Outstanding Player.That's well within his powers. Hield's 29.3 points per game leads the 2016 NCAA Tournament, and he's the only Final Four-bound player to score more than 84 points in it. His 19 threes are more than all but 15 teams made in the Tournament, and the 45 percent clip he's connecting at is actually lower than his 46.5 percent season average, becausehe's basically a cyborg.

If any one player is going to go nova (sorry, er, 'Nova) and win Buy FIFA Mobile Coins a trophy by himself, it's Buddy Buckets.No. 4: Syracuse OrangeEfficiencHeat Check: 1.10 PPP, 0.89 PPP allowedYou, over there, thinking that "Syracuse's best basketball" somehow puts the Orange on par with the other three teams in this Final Four?
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