400 series of stainless steel prices

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400 series of stainless steel prices
12 giugno, 2017 [07:44]
400 series of stainless steel pricesEarly purchase of high-carbon ferrochrome high cost, and steel mills are generally 1.5-2 months of inventory, the use of high-priced stock for the production of steel is more embarrassing. With high-priced inventory production, 430 cold-rolled base price of the highest cost to reach 8,000 yuan / ton (factory tax, cash) above, profits are difficult to improve.chapas de acero inoxidable medidasAnd because of the consistency of the market price trend, 400 series of stainless steel products lower prices, so that relatively high-cost stainless steel manufacturers had to sell at the current low prices.stainless steel strip supplierTherefore, there are as the southwest of the stainless steel, Lianzhong 400 series of stainless steel plant will focus on profitability is more substantial carbon steel market, while the 400 series of production has been reduced.Китай Поставщики Суль-304 Нержавеющая Сталь Катушки Трубки Most of the new 400 series of stainless steel manufacturers recently only for the trial production stage, and for the stable production is still unknown. For the current 400 series of stainless steel prices, the short term is not good. With the old 400 series stainless steel plant, the 400 series of stainless steel production reduction, supply reduction may be able to give new 400 series stainless steel plant to bring space.Bight Hairline Finish 304 stainless steel sheet 2b
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