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I've discussed the importance of being connected for employees in previous articles. Today Jamie Vardy World Cup Jersey , let's talk about how the smaller retailer can recognize and reward employees without high expenses.

Employees these days put a top priority on these two aspects of their jobs:

To feel a sense of "Connection" with the store, team and company.
To be recognized and appreciated for their initiative hard work and contribution to the store and team

In fact, surveys of hundreds of retail employees reveals that compensation is a distant number 5 behind these two top priorities in the career of a retail employee.

Firstly James Milner World Cup Jersey , limit cash rewards to annual performance reviews by way of a bonus plan. The bonus plan should be directly linked to the financial performance of the store. I'll talk more about that in a future article.

Develop a rewards program for your store that frequently recognizes good work and solid contributions with simplicity as the focal point. Consider these ideas as you develop your program:

Offer job enrichment and higher responsibilities
Create a bulletin board in the staff area where messages of praise can be posted for all team members to see
Offer some prizes on a quarterly basis for the most consistent contributor above their basic responsibilities.
Prizes should ideally be something that an employee can share with a spouse or friend. Then both can share and enjoy the reward. A dinner for two, tickets to the theatre or a ball game are good examples of simple rewards that can be shared.
Preferred time of or time off with pay. Consider giving a paid day off before or after a long weekend and give the employee a mini holiday, 4 days off straight
For multi-location companies a newsletter is a great place to inform everyone of a job well done by superlative employees
Consider creating an Employee of the Month reward with a preferred parking spot or similar reward
Create special reward pins for top performers that can be worn with pride
Offer additional training either in house or formal educational training for those that have delivered stellar performance
Lastly Jack Wilshere World Cup Jersey , giving a promotion of course is one of the greatest ways to recognize top performance as you build your organization. Employees that work within a culture that sees the opportunities to receive an internal promotion will be more loyal and strive for excellence in performance.

Take Action Today

Develop a modest budget for a rewards and recognition program.
Create rewards and the criteria for receiving them. Your criteria should be objective and fair for everyone.
Announce the rewards program to the team and explain the criteria to everyone.
Discuss and deliver rewards on a regular basis. Even small rewards can be announced and issued on a weekly basis.
Make recognition and rewards part of your organization's culture.
Make major rewards activities that can be shared by a spouse or friend.
Author's Resource Box

Ron Pawlowski is a Managing
Partner at The Retail Institute.

The Retail Institute is dedicated to support of the small to medium retailer through timely informative articles as well as affordable retail support products.

The Retail Institute offers a number of well priced manuals, forms and systems for single location and multi-locatiom retailers.

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Hair Grooming Boosts a Man’s Presence Published: 09.04.2010 | Author: santamonicahairsalon01 | Category: Hair Loss

Hair grooming isn’t only a woman’s world but also of a man. If there’s a particular thing guys are concerned the most when it comes to their physical appearance, we all know it’s about their hair. Men are stylish and trendy just like women are.

A healthy hair indicates health Jack Butland World Cup Jersey , and particularly for a man, it may assert or deny his virility or sexuality. If a man wears his hair long, one may assume that he is independent Harry Kane World Cup Jersey , freedom-loving or an assertive person. On the other hand, if his hair is cut short we say that he has less macho effect or otherwise. But setting our individual views aside, we all agree that a man’s hair boosts his presence or his visual statement.

One of the first things people may notice in a man will always be his hair for that is where his taste and style is displayed. So before a man decides on which trends to follow Gary Cahill World Cup Jersey , they must do first the basic hair care. One of the causes of hair damage on men is when they towel-dry after a bath, so better resort to a pat-dry because the hair is the weakest when it is wet. Furthermore, avoid bathing with extra warm water to keep hair from dryness. Most men use caps worn tight Fraser Forster World Cup Jersey , they should avoid this practice if they want to keep their hair being pulled off from their scalp for this causes hair breakage. If we don’t follow the basics, hair damage would be inevitable and could become permanent.

With the summer rousing up, the time when season defies hair strength Eric Dier World Cup Jersey , it would help if men steps out of the box and drop by a salon, a Santa Monica Hair Salon for one, for hair care services Dele Alli World Cup Jersey , which helps聽 men take control of their hair. No summer heat should keep men away from having a healthy and strong hair.

In addition to availing hair care services in a salon, they can add a Santa Monica haircut for their desired dashing look this summer that could sweep off any woman’s feet. They can also add texture to it by getting some hair highlights.

Literally and figuratively, your hair tells you who your are and what you do so it is important for people to seek help from professional salons like the men who visits Santa Monica Hair Salon. If you wish to achieve . Cheap Soccer Shirts Free Shipping Cheap NHL Hoodies China Cheap NBA Hoodies China Cheap MLB Hoodies China Cheap Soccer Hoodies China Cheap NFL Shirts China Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NBA Jerseys China Cheap NHL Hoodies China Cheap NCAA Hoodies Online
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