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14 luglio, 2018 [10:45]
ATHENS , Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- Thousands of runners and spectators flooded the centre of the Greek capital on Sunday for the 31st Race of Athens, an annual event organized by the municipality of Athens to promote exercise and a healthier life style.

On a warm and sunny day, some 10,000 people of all ages took part in this year's edition , according to the organizer of the Athens Culture, Sport & Youth Organization (OPANDA).

In front of Panathenaic stadium, the marble venue of the 1896 first modern Olympics, Athens Mayor Yiorgos Kaminis fired the starting shot for the 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers runs circling the city centre.

Another 2 kilometers course was also organized for children and the persons with disabilities.

"Today we are doing a warm up , a warm up for the Authentic Athens Marathon which will take place on November 12... We all celebrate together here in sunny Athens," Kaminis said.

"It was a great opportunity for participants to get to know Athens from a different perspective, to walk or run the courses without using cars," OPANDA Director Michalis Mantzoris told Xinhua.

A young Greek runner named Anthi told Xinhua after completing the 10 kilometer course: "It was a very nice experience. We had to run uphill , we passed in front of many landmarks; it was very nice, so beautiful."

While Anthi participated for a second year in the Race of Athens, Sotiris Manikas has lost count. He tries not to miss any opportunity to run in the Athens center in similar fun races.

"It is a lovely route. It is always different when you are running in Athens. Here, in this country , the Olympic Games were born," he told Xinhua.

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• You can go for the curves and lines to chalk the outlines of any nation. Keep trying until you are capable enough to draw the exact boundaries for the nations. This may seem next to impossible but practice can help you in overcoming this difficulty.
• There are various experts who believe that the leaners must learn the details about boundaries and thereafter mention the name of the nation that is chalked by them. This is one of the sure-shot ways that can help you in learning the political map of the world.
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There are various other tips that can serve you with similar need. However, mnemonics is one of the unbeaten strategies that can be your guide in learning the facts and prevent them getting skipped from your memory after a short span. As a beginner, you need to put in your hours and ensure that you keep revising the entire lesson. Doing this on a daily basis can really be helpful for those who are looking for early results.
Once you are aware about the map, you can easily chalk in your schedule for the world tour and count in the essential countries. Make sure that you do not overlook the need to study geographical specialties while getting involved with this practice.
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