""It was fake news. There was

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""It was fake news. There was
13 settembre, 2018 [11:26]
Cricket balls are made of mainly cork and covered with quality leather. There are a variety of cricket balls available in the market but only the ones made of leather with cork are officially used in tournaments and matches. Here is a guide to help one purchase the ideal cricket ball:

1. Materials

The core of the ball is usually made of three to five strips of corks and tightly wound string. These components ensure that the ball bounces better. The outer layer of the ball is covered with two or four pieces of quality leather. A key indicator towards the quality of the leather ball is in the stitching of the seam. The seam of the ball is made of six lines of stitching which hold the leather together. The ball is covered in a layer of fine polish which to not too thick. Thick layers of polish allow the ball to last longer but can affect the bounce.

2. Size and weight

The weight and size specifications vary for male and female cricketers. Cricket balls used in the men’s game must weigh no less than five ounces and must not measure no less than 22.4 cm and no more than 22.9 cm in circumference. The balls used in women’s cricket must weigh between 140 to 151 grams and have a circumference of 21 to 22.5 cm.

3. Colours

The cricket balls that have been traditionally used in matches have been covered in red leather. However Olivier Rodrigue Jersey , white balls were introduced to help the batsmen see the ball clearer during the night. Recently, cricketers have taken to using pink cricket balls as the white ones tend to get dirtier with time. They are yet to be embraced by the entire cricket community.

4. Specialist training balls

Manufacturers have designed a number of new synthetic balls which offer specific characteristics. These balls can be used by both bowlers and batsmen to train and improve their skills. The balls can also be used to train younger children who are interested in the game. This is a safer choice as compared to the leather and cork balls which can be painful.

The ideal cricket ball depends on how old you are and the type of cricket you play. Cricket balls made of cork and leather are used in all official matches and require professional cricketers to be able to wield it with ease. If you are younger in age or have just begun training for cricket, you must opt for training balls to improve your skills.

THE HAGUE Anton Slepyshev Jersey , Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- Dutch brewer Heineken on Wednesday reported its net profits rose by 11 percent to 1.51 billion euros (1.71 billion U.S. dollars) in 2014, compared to 1.364 billion euros in the previous year.

The group's revenue was 21.191 billion euros in 2014, 0.1 percent higher than in 2013.

Revenue growth benefited from positive pricing and positive sales Brian Ferlin Jersey , the firm said. The increase was stronger in the first half of the year due to favorable weather, the football World Cup in Brazil and a soft comparable prior period.

"Our strong performance reflects the success of our strategy," CEO Jean-Francois van Boxmeer said in a press release.

"We continued to invest in our portfolio of brands and we have significantly improved our commercial execution. We combined this with compelling consumer marketing and a powerful innovation agenda. As a result Pontus Aberg Jersey , Heineken premium volume grew 5.1 percent and a number of our global brands achieved double digit growth," he added.

Heineken stated that it expects positive organic revenue growth in 2015 with volume growth at a more moderate level than 2014. Continued volume growth in developing markets is expected to offset more subdued volume growth elsewhere. (1 euro = 1.13 U.S. dollar)


BEIJING, March 1 (Xinhua) -- Widespread reports which said that Yao Ming's proposals were rejected was 'fake news', senior official of Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) said at a media briefing here.

Yao was voted as the president of the Chinese Basketball Association rencently. He became the first-ever non-governmental personage to take the position.

Shortly after being elected as president of CBA, Yao sumbit his reform plan to the CBA congress but the plan was rejected because it was not suitable for China, the reports said.

""It was fake news. There was no proposal or reform plan at that congress,"" said Bai Xilin, secretary-general of CBA.

" For any future athlete who intends to begin a new activity, to know a little the history about the sport is always a good idea.

Plays of ball can be traced behind for hundreds and thousands of years. Usually played for the entertainment or during religious ceremonies Zack Kassian Jersey , the plays of ball became in the whole world strongly popular in innumerable civilizations. The European monks probably created the play of tennis. The players quickly discovered that instead of striking the ball in addition to walls they had a better order using their hand. A leather glove was created soon, and not to wish ardently after, an adapted handle achieved the first racquet. While the racquets evolvedmoved Al Montoya Jersey , thus made the balls which were employed. A type plus stuffed bouncier of the material of its replaced the first primitive balls out of wooden soon. The play became strongly popular among monasteries all around Europe during the 14th century. At the same time, the church considered to prohibit the play.

In 1874, Walter principal C Wingfield made patent in London the equipment and the rules for play rather similar to modern tennis. By same year Iiro Pakarinen Jersey , the first courses appeared in the United States. By the following year, the equipment place had been sold for the use in Russia, in India Ryan Stanton Jersey , in Canada, and in China.

The play of croquet was currently strongly popular, and the courses soft of play of croque. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap NBA Jerseys China Cheap MLB Jerseys China Cheap Authentic College Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Hoodies Free Shipping
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